Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Early Childhood Caries (EEC)

Early childhood caries is a preventable disease that left untreated increases in severity, causing pain and a strong, long lasting effect on a child's overall health.  Therefore, all children should have a dental home by age one to reduce EEC.

A dental home provides preventive education to the child's caregiver in how to prevent and reduce EEC through providing information about proper brushing and flossing, healthy diet and snacks, fluoride and preventive visits.

Research has shown that if a child does not have a preventive visit by age three they were more likely to need emergency and restorative care.

If a child has a dental home by age one there is an increased likelihood of having more preventive care and less restorative and emergency care

Call our office in Jupiter, Florida to schedule your child's initial exam by age one .    As a specialist in pediatric dentistry, dentistry for kids of all ages, our number one goal is preventive care through education.


  1. Educating our child from an early age is key to healthy teeth and a healthy, happy life!

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  2. If you're like most parents, you might be worried that if your child doesn't have any baby teeth by nine months or a year, it means something is wrong. But when it comes to getting the first set of teeth, there is a wide normal range of variability. Although the average appearance of the first tooth is around six months of age, it could be much sooner or much later.

    The general pattern of eruption is that the two middle upper and lower teeth (central incisors) come in first. They are followed by the teeth next to them, the lateral incisors. The cuspids (or canines) follow, then the first and second molars. By the time your child is 3 years old, he or she will have a full set of 20 primary teeth.

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children be taken to see a pediatric dentist at least six months after they get their first tooth. It may seem strange to think about taking a child who is under one into a dentist's office' but doing so will help make sure his/her teeth stay healthy and get him/her used to visits that will become a regular part of his life.

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