Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Early Childhood Caries (EEC)

Early childhood caries is a preventable disease that left untreated increases in severity, causing pain and a strong, long lasting effect on a child's overall health.  Therefore, all children should have a dental home by age one to reduce EEC.

A dental home provides preventive education to the child's caregiver in how to prevent and reduce EEC through providing information about proper brushing and flossing, healthy diet and snacks, fluoride and preventive visits.

Research has shown that if a child does not have a preventive visit by age three they were more likely to need emergency and restorative care.

If a child has a dental home by age one there is an increased likelihood of having more preventive care and less restorative and emergency care

Call our office in Jupiter, Florida to schedule your child's initial exam by age one .    As a specialist in pediatric dentistry, dentistry for kids of all ages, our number one goal is preventive care through education.